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Van Life: Wood Burners & Showers

I’ve never lived out of a van. When I finished my undergrad studies, I sold everything big that I owned so I could fit in my little car (with a roof storage unit). I never lived out of it either,

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Worn Wear Tour (Patagonia)

We’ve gone to two Patagonia Worn Wear events in Chicago this summer. First, we went to the repair and used sale extravaganza at the Lincoln Park store. Great time. Great experience. We each got a killer deal on a winter

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|Goal Zero – In A Van Down By The River

These videos of Goal Zero athletes and photographers who spend a great deal of time on the road speak to me (En Route series). Our small Goal Zero solar panel has fueled us on some great adventures, and I like

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|Living Simply, Cutting the Fat

These stories and insights have caught my attention recently: Tiny House Family — Manifesto Tiny House Blog — Tiny House in a Landscape Tour — hOMe (more of the story) Since we live in a small home (not a tiny

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|Power to the Gadgets

We’re looking at what it would take to run our electronic gadgets (phones, compies, camera…) with renewable energy–solar, wind or bicycle. We have a small Goal Zero kit that we bought a few years ago for camping trips and mini-expeditions–Guide

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|Photography as Evidence

Sometimes it’s hard to make a point, difficult to make a convincing argument. If it’s too short, people think you haven’t researched enough; if it’s too long, they won’t thoroughly read it. And it seems people will believe anything that

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|Web Round-up

It’s been a long time since I posted links. Here is the collection that’s been growing in my notebook (categories are arbitrary and over-lapping): Architecture Weekend Cabin: Innermost House, California (Casimiro, Adventure Journal) Seattle aPodmonts (Nellemann, Tiny House Blog) 11

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