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Backpacker: Top 10 Outdoor Apps

I appreciated the recent Backpacker run-down of “The 10 Best Apps For the Outdoors” (Ryan Wichelns, 11 May 2017). Some of them–like the SkyView–I’d heard of before, but others were new and engaging. I’ve wanted an app like Leafsnap or

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Do Much with Little (Smartphone Edition)

This phrase — do much with little — has become a mantra that rolls around in my head. I used to work for a Christian nonprofit that fights human trafficking, and this line was one of our three catch-phrases. “Do

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|Power to the Gadgets

We’re looking at what it would take to run our electronic gadgets (phones, compies, camera…) with renewable energy–solar, wind or bicycle. We have a small Goal Zero kit that we bought a few years ago for camping trips and mini-expeditions–Guide

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|Web Round-up

It’s been a long time since I posted links. Here is the collection that’s been growing in my notebook (categories are arbitrary and over-lapping): Architecture Weekend Cabin: Innermost House, California (Casimiro, Adventure Journal) Seattle aPodmonts (Nellemann, Tiny House Blog) 11

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|Friday Web Round-up

Adventure Grand Trunk Road (trailer) The Last Ice Merchant A Life Well Lived — Jim Whittaker Everest: A Time Lapse Short Film Dan Ross – Drawing Different Lines Environment + Sustainability Toxic waste spill in northern Alberta biggest of recent

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|Friday Web Round-up

Adventure Wallpaper (Adventure Journal) Pooping In The Outdoors: A Flow Chart (Semi-Rad) Best Adventure Photographers (Enthusio) Top 8 Tech Tools to Stay Light, Fast & Connected (Jimmy Chin) Three months breaking ice (Three Mystic Apes) Environment (Nature + Sustainability)  Marianne

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#3 Bunker Roy: Learning from a barefoot movement

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