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More Knots, Fewer Devices

I was never in Boy Scouts, Pathfinders, or any other variant of a bushcraft/youth paramilitary organization. Ergo, I never learned knots.  I’m lucky to have lived through a decade of rock climbing. We engaged in such poor rope use while

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Vans and Homes and Kids

I’ve been watching videos about families living in vans. At this point, it seems that the films can be grouped into three categories: short-term, long-term, and this-was-not-my-plan. Because embedding videos slows down loading time for the blog, I’m going to

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MI Camping: Covert

I’ve been visiting campgrounds along Lake Michigan, getting ready for some local fun this summer. Scope: Indiana Dunes State Park (IN) up to Holland State Park (MI). Covert Park has potential. I want to see it when it’s green. The

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|Chris Burkard — Photographer

Chris Burkard is one of my favorite photographers. Surfing is his main gig, but he covers so much more–nature, adventure, travel. Here are two gear videos he posted recently: You can also follow Chris here: Website Ello Instagram YouTube Facebook

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|Ray-Way Quilt — Model C

I purchased a two-person Ray-Way quilt set a couple years ago. You can read about how my mother-in-law sewed the original quilt and a one-person quilt, all from the original materials. We still had a bag of scraps leftover, so

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|Mile, Mile and a Half

After 4 or 5 months, I finally finished watching Mile, Mile and a Half, a documentary about the John Muir Trail (wiki; named after John Muir, believe it or not). The delay wasn’t due to a lack of interest but

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|Smitten with the Mitten

What is good about Michigan? Here is a starter list in rough categories: General 37 Facts That Prove Michigan Is Undeniably The Greatest State (Buzzfeed) 32 Perks Of Living In Michigan Despite The Economy (Buzzfeed) 29 Things You Miss When

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