Vans and Homes and Kids

I’ve been watching videos about families living in vans. At this point, it seems that the films can be grouped into three categories: short-term, long-term, and this-was-not-my-plan. Because embedding videos slows down loading time for the blog, I’m going to link to videos of the first two categories and only embed videos for the third.

Short-Term | These families could be considered to be on vacation, more or less:

Long-Term | These are families who live in their rigs for extended periods of time:

  • Van Life EP2 – How Do We Live? (9:50, Where’s My Office Now?). “Do you wonder how families live van life? Or what it is like to educate kids on the road? Van life is a personal journey, and there are many ways to get from point A to B. Yet, we can all learn from each other. Join us as we interview two families, guided by the question HOW DO WE LIVE?”
  • Inspiration: Tortuga Plata – Family of 4 in a Westfalia Syncro Van (3:00, Where’s My Office Now?). “Marc, Sarah, 5-year old Charlee and their dog Micah have been traveling in their Syncro since October 2013. We met them in Sedona, AZ and were inspired to see a family living and loving life on the road.”

This Was Not My Plan

This category is traditionally termed “homeless.” A few years ago I watched It Was a Wonderful Life, a documentary about women who become homeless for various reasons. Along those lines, here is just one mother’s experience:

Living Out of a Van (3:30, KPBS News). “For San Diego County’s homeless, finding a safe place to sleep just got a little harder. A week ago the City of Vista pulled the plug on a program there. Cornerstone Christian Church opened its parking lot for people to sleep overnight in their cars. But the city said the program would need to apply for costly permits and undergo public hearings to continue. Dreams for Change, the organization running the program, still offers an overnight lot close to downtown San Diego. Reporter Acacia Squires brings us this story of one family taking advantage of it.”

Humble Design Turns Angela’s House Into a Happy, Humble Home! (4:00, Humble Design). “Check out all of the amazing family’s homes we transform: With every family that Humble Design helps we restore their hope for better days in the future. This family opened OUR eyes to a new level of inspiration and what it means to be humble. Angela’s story is one of the most heartbreaking, yet inspirational story ever shared with Humble Design. Angela held strong to the hope that there were better days ahead. After moving to California to be with her ex-husband and father of her five children, her dream was shattered. With no help from her ex-husband, the family of six lived out of their mini van. It has been a long road for this family, and they finally have a happy, humble home!”